Friday, September 2, 2011


Barney: What club should we hit first? There´s club “Was”, there´s “Wrong”
Marshall: Ah, those places shut down a long time ago.
Barney: Oh, no.
Marshall: “Oh, no” shut down too.
Ted: There´s “Where”.
Jerry: Where´s “Where”?
Lily: “Where”´s where “Was” was, isn´t it?
Barney: No, “Was” wasn´t where “Where” was. “Was” was where “Wrong” was, right?
Jerry: Ok…
Ted: Not “OK”, that place is lame.
Robin: “OK” is “Lame”? I thought “Lame” was a gay bar. Or is that “Wrong”?
Marshall: That´s wrong. That´s not “Wrong”.
Barney: Guys, focus.
Robin: Oh, I like “Focus”, let´s go there.
Ted: Where?
Robin: Not “Where”, “Focus”.
Lily: I thought “Focus” was closed.
Barney: No, “Was” was “Closed”. Once “Was” shut down, it reopened as “Closed”.
Marshall: So “Closed” is open.
Robin: No, “Closed” is closed.
Jerry: I dont know. Third base, right?
Robin: Ew, “Third Base” is all frat guys.
Lily: Look, I´ll go any place, ok?
Ted: Not “OK”, “OK” is lame.
Robin: “OK” is not “Lame”, “Lame” is a gay bar.
Lily: Guys, shut up.
Barney: No, “Shut Up” shut down… I can´t believe I dont know the clubs anymore.
Marshall: Guys just pick a club, ok?
Ted: Not “OK”!
Everybody: “OK” IS “LAME”! GAY BAR!
Marshall: For the record, I was in there once, by accident. I´m pretty sure it´s pronounced “lamé”.
Barney: It´s hopeless, isn´t it?